What is the main purpose of a deposition?

The deposition is basically a fact-finding and recording exercise before the actual trails. Simply speaking, in a deposition the involved parties and the witnesses have to tell what they know about the incidence under oath and provide a testimonial in support of their statements. These statements can be cross-verified by the attorneys during the actual trial or otherwise.

Depositions are very helpful in understanding the whole incidence and help attorneys to assess the legitimacy of the case before trial. The deposition summary prepared by the attorneys can be used later during the trial by the attorneys in front of the court reporters. Many attorneys are busy with loads of discoveries to respond to. They use professional deposition summary services to prepare accurate deposition summaries for many of their cases.  

What is the main purpose of deposition?

The following are the main objectives of depositions: 

  • They help both sides to know about all the facts of the incident. 
  • The depositions are very useful in preventing last-minute surprises in the case during the trial.
  • The deposition summaries are a great tool for the out-off-the-court settlement and can avoid taking the trial route.
  • Depositions also give a good idea to the attorneys about the credibility of the witness and their possibility of proving their statements before the jury.
  • The deposition summary forms the basic testimony of the case used for the cross-verification of the witness during the trial. If the witness changes their statements, the other side can claim not to consider the statements of the witness on the grounds of changing the testimony.

Why you should give a deposition?

There are many reasons to give a deposition. The two major reasons include,

  • It allows the defense attorney to know all the facts about the incidence including the what, and how of the case. Besides the attorney also come to know about the injuries you have as a result of the incidence. 
  • The other important reason is that it allows attorney to ask some questions that you might not prove through the testimonies you have provided. So, it gives you enough time to provide the required testimony to support your facts before the actual trial.

Final Words

Preparing a proper deposition summary is essential for you and your attorney in understanding various aspects of the case and the injuries you have due to the incidence.  

It can be helpful in settlement of the case before going for the trial and also in avoiding surprises at the eleventh hour if the case is eventually presented for the trial.

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