Should I Get a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident can be devastating, and many leave motorcycle riders with serious or even fatal injuries. What you do in the immediate aftermath of a collision can significantly affect your ability to get a settlement to cover your expenses. After a crash, you need to seek immediate medical attention and alert your insurance company. You should find an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Even if your injuries are minor, a lawyer can do a great deal to help you claim compensation for your damages. There are several reasons why it would be wise to hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident. The following are the reasons you should consult a lawyer sooner rather than later if you’ve been injured and you weren’t at fault.

Determining the Amount of Compensation

One of the biggest mistakes accident victims who don’t get a lawyer can make is not understanding the true value of their case. They may accept a settlement offer that is too low to cover their damages. A lawyer will help you figure out the correct compensation amount for your damages and increase your chances of settling out of court.

You will be able to pursue compensation for your economic damages. This is anything that has a clear dollar amount, such as medical bills or funeral and burial expenses. According to a motorcycle accident lawyer from Farmer & Morris Law, you can also pursue non-economic damages which may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of affection
  • Mental distress

If you lose the ability to work, to support your family, or to live independently, you can also pursue non-economic damages for that.

Negotiating With the Insurer

Not all motorcycle accidents will require a lawsuit. Instead of going through the lengthy court process, you may agree to have an outside the court settlement with the insurance company. An attorney understands how to work with the at-fault party’s insurer to negotiate fair and adequate compensation.

Insurance companies don’t make money by giving their profits away to accident victims. Insurance claims adjusters are paid well because it is their job to figure out how to give you less. A lawyer will collect evidence to prove your damages and demand that you are adequately compensated.

Representation in Court

If the insurers won’t offer you a settlement or the amount they offer is not enough, you may need to take them to court. Motorcycle accident lawyers understand the laws regarding these cases, and they have the experience to take on big insurance companies. They will break down the process so you can understand it and walk you through the steps involved.

The lawyer will present evidence to the court, and they may bring in expert witnesses. They will also coach you about what to say so the jury understands the full weight of the impact that accident has had on your life. An attorney can also tell you whether or not it’s worth going to court at all or if you should accept a settlement that is less than what you wanted.

Get Time to Recover

If the accident is severe and you have severe injuries, you might need comprehensive medical care. If you have serious injuries that impair your mobility, it may be impossible to go after compensation. By hiring an attorney, you can focus on the healing process while they handle your claim.

Your health and well-being are more important, so getting medical care should be your primary concern. You will need to follow your doctor’s orders, because you might not get the compensation you anticipate if you are found to have neglected your injuries. Therefore, you should allow your lawyer to carry on with the claim as you continue recovering.

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