Everything You Need to Know For Hiring a Probation Lawyer

Dealing with legal issues is expensive, stressful, and exhausting. This becomes more challenging when you are charged with a violation of probation, which is a serious offense. Depending on the charges’ nature, penalties for violating probation can range from mild sentences, such as strict probation measures and mandatory counseling, to severe penalties such as revocation of the probation, resulting in a jail term.

With such serious outcomes, hiring a probation attorney shouldn't be an option. Probation courts are unique since you have already been convicted of a crime. As such, you don't have similar protection levels as other citizens. Unfortunately, finding the best legal representation can be challenging. If you are facing these charges, consider the following before hiring a probation lawyer.


As mentioned, legal matters can be overly confusing. This calls for hiring an experienced lawyer who understands law processes deeply. The lawyer should also have a vast knowledge of the court systems, essential resources, and more. Like any other profession, gaining experience in the legal sector requires several years of practice.

Lawyers learn these skills by repetition or handling similar cases multiple times. That said, you can inquire from the lawyer the number of times they have handled similar probation cases. To be certain, you can ask for the names of court cases for verification.

Experience in handling probation cases cannot be acquired in law schools. An experienced lawyer will find it easy to cross-examine witnesses, persuade the judge to make rulings in your favor, and make solid arguments.


Legal issues are undoubtedly expensive, with a Bankrate survey in 2017 estimated that the average cost of representation in a U.S. court is $15,000. It is important to know how much it will cost hiring representation before you proceed with the case. Note that the attorney will only provide estimates of the cost, as it may change depending on the nature of the case.

While most attorneys cannot predict the cost of the case in totality, some can provide an overview of the case with anticipated responses from the prosecutors. This can help in estimating the cost of the case. Some lawyers also charge hourly rates, which can cost from $100 to $400 per hour. However, you can always negotiate the rates.

If you feel the hourly rates are expensive, you can negotiate for flat rate fees. A flat-rate fee is advantageous as it allows you to plan your budget, avoiding unexpected charges at the end of the case. Flat rates also make it easy to compare the charges of various law firms. However, with this option, ensure that the lawyer outlines the expenses excluded in the fee, such as travel expenses, overnight delivery fees, and expenses paid to government agencies.


You should consider hiring a specialized lawyer to handle your probation case. While hiring a general practitioner is less expensive, you would rather incur the expenses of hiring a specialized probation lawyer with high chances of winning the case. Unlike general practitioners, specialized lawyers are way ahead of the learning curve and know much about the specific area of concern.

They limit their legal practice to a few areas, thus have the opportunity to acquire more skills and knowledge that general practitioners may lack. Specialized lawyers often belong to professional associations addressing specific facets of law.


Over time, attorneys gain a reputation based on the cases they have handled. Lawyers with a good reputation often associate with excellence in their cases and a good choice if you want to win your probation violation case. Since reputation is judged from the lawyers' actions, you should consider consulting previous clients, colleagues, and family members who have hired the attorney's services before if they were happy with the lawyer's services. If you can't make conclusions based on what you have heard, you can ask the lawyer for referrals.


Communication is an important element in a lawyer-client relationship. You shouldn't assume that because the lawyer you engaged appeared friendly, they have excellent communication skills. Unfortunately, among the common complaints clients have with lawyers is terrible communication. Your case can flop if the lawyer takes several days before responding to your inquiries or scheduling your appointment. Get an attorney who follows promptly to solve your issue in a short time.

How Beles & Beles Can Help

If you are on probation and convicted of a crime, you should avoid ending up in court. As such, hiring a good probation violation attorney will help you understand various facets of your case for better decision making. Your attorney of choice should have experience and specialized in handling probation violation cases. With unmatched experience and extensive knowledge of various court systems, Beles & Beles provide the best chance of getting a positive outcome.

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