Personal Injury Law Simplified: 5 Common Accidents

              A personal injury lawsuit is possible in instances where an individual obtains an injury that is caused by the intentional or unintentional negligence of another individual. They can happen in the workplace, restaurants, construction sites or a number of other places where the premises should have been maintained in a different manner, and because they were not, an injury occurred. It is very important to be aware of your rights as an injured party, and when it is worthwhile to pursue a personal injury case. We will discuss some of the situations that have been identified as most likely having risks for personal injury.

Slip and Fall

              Slip and fall, as it sounds is when an injury occurs because of wet or slippery floors.  This can be in the workplace as in restaurants, kitchen, restroom, but also in shopping malls, hospitals and similar locations where there is heavy foot traffic. The business is responsible for maintaining either dry and safe floors or floors without sudden steps or obstacles in the footpath. If they are unable to remove the danger immediately a notification should be posted warning people of the step, or wet floor. However, there is also the risk in areas which are poorly lit. The burden falls on the property owners to ensure it is safe for those visitors.

Being struck by objects.

              This scenario can occur in many places such as retail stores or even sporting events. Being struck by objects is by far the most common workplace injury. Stores with tall shelves with merchandise protruding from the shelf or being overstocked presents risk to those shoppers. But also, there are risk from improperly installed fixtures such as ceiling fans lights, or hand railing. The risk increase in crowded areas which is why sporting events and stadiums contain risk for this type of injury.


              Overexertion falls into a slightly different category because there does not need to be obstacles where people walk. This type of injury is common in team sports and athletics. Many times, coaches, teachers and those responsible for athletes whether children or adults can apply too much pressure without taking into considering the environment. Hydration is essential especially in the heat of the summer a heat stroke is possible or fatigue and  muscle injuries can occur.


              Automobiles are so common in the urban and rural areas and responsibility must be taken to ensure they are used correctly. A majority of car accident law suits occur due to distracted drivers, and this can cause serious injuries to others. Also parked cars must be in proper locations, outside of paths designated for bicycles or pedestrians.

Unintentional Poisoning

              Unintentional poisoning can occur in restaurants where people consume food and chemical plants and factories. Serious guidelines are set up to ensure food is kept at proper temperature to decrease the risk of bacteria. Chemicals used for cleaning should also be kept separate for food and food preparation areas. In factories and warehouses, proper safety equipment needs to be provided if workers interact with dangerous chemicals.

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