Justice In The Medical World: How Healthcare Often Fails Us

When we think of personal injury cases, rarely do we think of those who are supposed to help us get healthier. However, healthcare providers, from doctors to pharmaceutical companies, fail their duties with alarming regularity. If you’re worried that you’ve been injured by those who should be helping you recover from injury, you might be able to do something about it.

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Over $3 billion was paid out in 2012 alone in medical malpractice payouts. The stats prove just how often it happens, but still there are thousands of people receiving substandard and harmful treatment without speaking up. If you’re concerned that you have been a victim of malpractice, the first thing to look at is your doctor’s or nurse’s standard of care. Not all negative consequences of a hospital visit count as the negligence required to prove an unacceptable standard of care. It’s a good idea to consult legal advisors to get a more experienced viewpoint on the matter.

Pharmaceutical defects

Many will recognize just how defective our current pharmaceutical system is. Besides skyrocketing prices and monopolizing, sometimes they even fail their most basic function. Putting a product that is safe to use on the market. There are recalls and violations in the production of medical drugs all the time. If you’ve suffered sideeffects or harmful effects that weren’t mentioned when you bought your medicine, you should look up any recalls or warnings. If you find your medication is dangerous, then you should get in touch with teams like Cogan and Power, PC.. You may be able to get the help you need in making sure those pharmaceutical companies are held accountable.

Defective devices

It’s not only pharmaceuticals that can cause unintended pain, either. There are all kinds of devices used to treat patients. From things as simple as crutches to expensive, invasive treatments like hip replacements. We rely a lot on the medical equipment we’re told will help us. However, defective medical equipment can cause accidents and even do internal damage. Sites like Drugwatch not only help identify dangerous pharmaceutical drugs but harmful medical devices as well. Again, the providers of these devices need to be held accountable.

Neglect and abuse

We should be even more careful when it comes to choosing who takes care of our loved ones. Whether it’s due to disability or age, a lot of us will need caregivers at some point. Yet, neglect and abuse in nursing homes is shockingly prevalent. The signs of neglect to someone who is unable to witness it are subtle. But you can identify it. It can be as simple as spotting failed duties. Unhygienic factors like untrimmed fingernails, for instance. Sudden loss of mobility or nutrition should also be taken very seriously. Contacting your local ombudsman program should be done as soon as you suspect neglect or abuse.

A lot of people have negative opinion of pursuing legal action after those who are supposed to provide care. But remember that we all rely on them. Without them being held to the right standards, millions of people in the future could be endangered. 

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