At Work - and In Danger? Learn More About Professional Accidents


Most of us don’t connect work with danger. Of course, that isn’t the way it used to be. A few decades ago, most of us would have had to have connected work with danger! But these days, a lot of us are in fairly safe jobs. (See: jobs where we sit down all day!)

But workplaces are always more dangerous than you think. We’re not trying to scare you out of going to work - you just need to be careful wherever you are! Otherwise, you may find yourself having to deal with an injury

Here are the most common causes of workplace injuries.  

Overexerting yourself

Overexertion can, of course, take place in pretty much any kind of business. You’ll probably think immediately of an industrial job. Even the strongest among us have a limit. If breaks and safety measures aren’t applied, a worker can strain themselves by doing too much heavy lifting. This, of course, is worth investigating as a personal injury at a legal level. Read more at


Many people might dismiss the idea of overexertion taking place in an office. After all, aren’t you sitting down all day? But if someone is put through enough mental exertion, it can result in severe physical problems. After all, stress is estimated to be the biggest contributor to death in the Western world. Read more about different types of exertion over at

Falling or flying objects

The risk of this seems a lot more prevalent and obvious in places like construction sites. It’s why hard hats have to be worn, after all. But it can affect an office, too. You might not think that flying objects would be that much of a problem in an office. But I can tell you that I’ve been in many an office where people started throwing paper airplanes or even firing NERF guns in the office. (If you think the typical office worker can’t engage in childish mischief such as this, you’re in denial!)

If someone is injured because of another employee’s misbehavior, then the site manager may be legally liable. After all, dangerous behavior needs to be stopped before someone gets hurt! You can read about respectful ways to discipline employees at



When companies think about falls, they tend to think about two different types of falls. One is called falls on same level and the other is falls to lower level. These should be pretty self-explanatory, I think! But it’s important not to assume that falls to a lower level are automatically more dangerous than falls on the same level. It can all depend on force and the peripheral objects involved, as well as the current health of the employee.

Falls on the same floor are the most common. It’s worth pointing out that this will be because they’re possible at any workplace, whereas falls to lower levels are not. Falls are often found in outside jobs or very active jobs. But falls are more common in offices than you may think. An open desk or file drawer can easily cause a fall, as can misplaced wires or loose carpeting. You can read more about slips, trips, and falls in offices at

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