6 Qualities Of A Professional DUI Attorney

Millions of drivers are arrested yearly for driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. Being arrested for driving under the influence or while intoxicated is itself a stressful event. Hiring the wrong DUI attorney for one’s defense would be the last thing that a person would ever want.  When it comes to determining whether to take the case to court or pleading guilty, a DUI attorney comes into mind instantly. Every case is different from the other and an attorney can help in navigating the complex legal system. According to the majority of states, the ratio of blood-alcohol concentration is set to a limit which is around 0.08. In some cases, the state is seen charging more than one charge on an individual for violation of laws. A DUI attorney makes sure that the charges against you are minimized and would provide you the best possible way out. There are some qualities to look before hiring a professional DUI attorney and if you were looking for those over the internet then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through 6 qualities of a professional DUI attorney.

Excellent Communication Skills

Without a doubt, without good communication skills, a case can’t be solved nor a dispute can be settled. A DUI attorney must be polite and gentle enough to listen and understand the whole scenario calmly. They should also possess proper writing skills as well as the ability to solve the issues orally.

Negotiation Skills

Excellent negotiation skills are the skills that make an attorney different from other attorneys. It is the responsibility of the DUI attorney to negotiate on behalf of his client. It has been seen that in some cases it is of no choice but to solve the case without going through the court litigation process. In these type of cases, the negotiation skills of a DUI attorney is tested to the limits.

A DUI Attorney Should Have Professional Affiliations

There are many court systems and each requires a separate license for a DUI attorney to appear. Not all attorneys have professional affiliations. This is the quality that distinguishes a professional attorney from a normal attorney. Hence one should definitely demand appropriate accreditation and affiliations from the attorney.

Field Experience

If you were to choose an attorney, you would obviously opt for a more experienced attorney as compared to the one who is not having at all. Going through driving under influence cases can make you stressed out and hiring an attorney with no experience would be the last thing that you would ever want.

Trial Experience

Though not many people would be aware of this fact there is a huge difference between the field experience and trial experience. A good and professional attorney would be having extensive courtroom experience as well, besides field experience. A professional attorney should be prepared to deal with any kind of situation due to which he needs to have both experiences.


If one wants to defend themselves then they do it without intimidation and firmly. The same quality should be searched in a DUI attorney so he shall defend your case aggressively.  You need to find an attorney who is tough enough to fight against the charges and bring the best out of the case.

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