Common Car Accident Injury Claims

A car accident can impact your life in many different ways. But that doesn’t mean that you deserve to bear the brunt of the impact on your own shoulders. With a car accident injury claim, you can get damages for the effects of your car accident. Find out exactly what you might be entitled to obtain.

  1. Medical Expenses

The first, and possibly most expensive, claim that you could make is for your medical expenses. Most car accidents result in some type of injury. If that injury is serious, you could have thousands of dollars in medical bills. You might become disabled and require long-term medical care. Other injuries could result in expensive rehabilitation and treatment.

Even minor injuries can result in doctor bills that you can’t afford. You could incur ambulance fees or be left with a scar that disfigures you. The cost of crutches, heating pads, and other accessories can add up. No matter what your injury may be, you deserve compensation. If you get a medical examination immediately after your car accident, you can get the proof you need for your personal injury claim. Your claim can get you compensation for every type of medical expense that you incurred.

  1. Pain and Suffering

In addition to the cost of medical bills, car accident survivors often have to deal with pain and suffering. By definition, pain and suffering is any type of mental or physical distress. For it to apply to your personal injury claim, that distress needs to be a result of the car accident.

The damages that you get for a pain and suffering claim depend on the severity of your injuries. The more painful and the more long-term the injury, the more likely that you will get a high value for the claim. For example, broken bones tend to come with a high value because the pain is intense.

There’s also the issue of mental anguish. After an accident, you may experience anxiety or stress. In some states, this can get you a higher value on your claim. Every state has different ways of considering pain and suffering. You need to talk to a lawyer to find out how your state handles car accident claims. Bruning Legal has a team ready to help. If you want more information, you can visit their website here.

  1. Lost Wages

After a car accident, you might not be able to work. Your injuries could keep you from working. Even if you can work, you might need to take off to see doctors and get treatment. All those missed hours add up. When you consider the cost of a car accident, you might find yourself in serious debt. However, there is hope. You can include a claim for lost wages. Keep track of any time that you missed from work. Any time that you missed from work is lost wages. You may be able to recoup those wages in your car accident personal injury claim. With some diligent record-keeping and a great lawyer, you may be able to get what you deserve.

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