10 Things You Should Do Immediately After A Car Accident

Nearly 6 million car accidents occur each year in the United States. Luckily, most of the accidents are property damages only- damage to the vehicles as opposed to the occupants. Recent studies state that one out of three accidents involves personal injury to the passenger or drivers of the cars. In contrast, there are two out of ten personal injury accidents that lead to tragic injuries. Below are the ten things that you should do quickly after an accident.

  1. Pause: You should stop your car after an accident if it looks like a minor one.

  2. Protect the accident area: You can safeguard the area from further accidents by putting flares or keeping your vehicle’s flashers on. If your lights are not working enough during the night time, you can always turn on your flashlight, which keeps you safe while you are waiting in your car or on the roadside.

  3. CONTACT THE POLICE: Even there are no significant injuries happened, you need to call and inform the police about the accident. A police file will be helpful for you to claim insurance in the future. The damaged vehicles should not be moved until the policeman arrives.

  4. MAKE A PRECISE RECORD: Make sure you are giving all the specific details to the investigating officer(s) to the best of your knowledge. Do not imagine or guess any of the facts. If you asked that you had any injury and you are not sure about it, inform them that you are not sure. You need to check instead saying no. Sometimes, the damage or the pain may not appear immediately after the accident, and it takes a few hours after the incident.

  5. CLICK PICTURES: If you carry any camera along with you or any camera mobile, you should take pictures of the damaged vehicle or any visible injuries that happen to you. By any chance, if you are not able to take the images, you need to make it as earlier as you can after the accident happens.

  6. NOTE THE INFORMATION: Generally, the investigating team will have complete information about both of you. But, in any means, the investigation team is not much responding about the accident you need to note all the news of the other person. You should know the name, telephone number, and address of all the people involved in the accident.
    It would help if you also asked about the vehicle's insurance card information, which is engaged in the accident. If there are any witnesses about the accident, you should take their information also. Because you or your attorney may contact them in the future. If the police respond, they will provide all the drivers with a report number. A report number is useful for you to obtain a police report. You need to request the story from the state police if you had an accident on the state highway.

  7. NOTIFY THE ACCIDENT: You need to inform about your accident to the insurance company as many companies require the immediate report.

  8. TAKE MEDICAL HELP: Even if you have minor problems, you need to take medical help to stop it being aggravated.

  9. MAINTAIN A FILE: Keep all the details carefully in a file. It should include claim numbers, contact information, expenses due to car accidents.

  1. SAFEGUARD YOUR RIGHTS: After all the above, you need to contact an attorney. They can protect your rights and make sure that any evidence involved is not destroyed. They will help you to get full compensation for your vehicle and your medical insurance.

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