What to Research Before Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck accidents can be incredibly severe incidents. Oversized trucks, including 18-wheelers or "big rigs," are frequently involved in accidents that happen at high speeds. Hence, having a knowledgeable Philadelphia truck accident attorney represent you will be beneficial if your customers or car sustained any injury. However, before your initial attorney session, it is advisable to do some research.

Information on the truck driver and the company

  • Which transportation firm is involved, and what is its name?
  • What is the name and number of the truck driver's license plate?
  • Do you have access to the truck's identification or license numbers?
  • Do you know the business driver's license number for the truck driver?
  • Have you conducted any background checks on the drivers or the trucking company?

Particulars of the Truck Accident

  • How did the mishap happen?
  • Was there a police report made?
  • What if any driving charges were brought against the drivers?
  • Was the scene documented with photos or videos?
  • Were any TV or other news organizations present?
  • Have you got the names and phone numbers of any witnesses or accident participants?
  • Were there any additional vehicles or parties involved?

Health Information Following a Truck Accident

  • What injuries did the accident cause you to have?
  • What was your initial assessment following the truck crash?
  • Were you brought to a medical facility? How long did you stay in the hospital, if so?
  • What are your current symptoms and medical diagnosis?

Your Car Post-Truck Accident

  • What is the year, manufacturer, and model of your car?
  • Is the car subject to a lien or bank interest?
  • When did you buy the car?
  • How well does the vehicle operate?
  • Was there any damage to, ding to, or dent in your automobile before the collision?
  • Have you taken before-and-after pictures of your automobile since the collision?

Financial and Personal Information About You

  • Your current job, if applicable?
  • Your pay or compensation?
  • Because of the accident, have you missed any time at work?
  • Have you got a current driver's license? Do you carry car insurance?
  • Is this the first time you have been in a vehicle collision?
  • If you've ever had a criminal charge against you?


A truck accident lawyer can help to secure the best result. Whether you have inquiries about how to bring a claim against a commercial trucking firm, how to deal with the insurance firms, or simply what to do next, attorneys can help. 

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