Legal Actions You Can Take if You Stuck in a Road Accident in India

There are more than 500 road accidents in our country every day and some people even lose their lives due to these road accidents, apart from this, many people also get permanent disabilities due to these road accidents. Now suppose if you are stuck in a road accident while walking on the road or driving a vehicle due to the negligence of another person and you get hurt in such a condition, then what rights do you have legally and what protection did you get under the law? Your motorcycle accident attorney will tell you all these things mentioned in this article.

Basic information about what legal actions you can take if you stuck in a road accident

The Government of India has passed the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 for Road Accidents, under this Act, if any person has caused serious injury to another person due to negligence, then compensation can be recovered from the person who hit the road accident. If a person drives a vehicle wrongly on the road and because of that someone gets hurt, then the person who is driving wrongly will also face criminal action.

Punishment under law | legal actions you can take if you stuck in a road accident

Suppose any person on the road injures you with a scooter or by a motorcycle or a car and in such a situation it is seen that when that person is driving, if he drives the vehicle wrongly, then you can register an FIR against that person. As soon as you make an FIR, section 279 of IPC will be imposed on that person, under this section a criminal proceeding state case is initiated against any person, under which he can be sentenced up to 6 months.

And if there are circumstances in which your bone is broken or you are hurt badly, then in such a situation, sections 279 and 337 IPC will also be added to that FIR and in this condition, he can be sentenced to 6 months more.

And if such a situation happens, in which the accident becomes a threat to your life, then section 338 IPC will also be added, due to this section, a person can be sentenced to up to 2 years.


So whenever you talk about any motor vehicle accident and want to fight and take legal actions against any person, then under Criminal Cases, Section 279 of IPC, Section 337 of IPC, Section 338 of IPC, and Section 304A of IPC, will help you to take legal action against any person.

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