Top 5 States With Controversial Gun Law

If you read the news, it seems that every day there is another shooting. People are wondering whether people are getting crazier and more violent, or if gun laws are getting more out of control. It seems that both theories may hold some water, but the issue is often too black and white to come up with one answer. However, it is important to know that gun ownership is a fundamental right and when you start to strip away those rights, you are basically infringing upon civil liberties. On both sides of the gun control argument, there are a lot of good solutions being discussed, but it may be important to look at some of the gun laws that are being passed. Here are the top five states with controversial gun laws.

  1. Colorado allows students to carry concealed firearms on campus. This was a controversial law that caused a firestorm on social media, in the news and among people fighting for more gun control. People were wondering why the state with two of the most deadliest mass shootings would enact such a law. The law ultimately overturned a longstanding ban on concealed firearms and had to go through multiple appeal processes, so there is some sense in the law. Perhaps during the next shooting, a student may save people’s lives.
  2. Michigan allows guns to be carried in “gun-free” zones. This was an extremely controversial law that made it possible to carry a concealed weapon in churches, hospitals and, yes, preschools. However, before you go up in arms about this law, you must first know that individuals who plan on carrying these weapons must undergo intensive training. The training goes over how to safely use the firearm and it explains all the different rules and regulations.
  3. Florida enacts law that forbids doctors from asking whether patients own a weapon and store it safely and according to state regulations. Basically, law makers and citizens were afraid that doctors were being too invasive when they were asking patients whether or not they had a concealed or hidden weapon in their home. The law is currently being fought, because people believe that a doctor’s rights are being taken away.
  4. In Minnesota, if you show “good cause” to a judge, you can get your license to own a weapon back after being convicted of a felony. For instance, if you were to visit to look for a gun range near you, but you had a violent record, you could get your license back if you show that your ownership of a weapon is under the pretense of a “good cause.” The problem is that a “good cause” could be too subjective.
  5. In Missouri, it is not illegal to shoot your weapon if you are intoxicated and can show that you shot in self defense. Indeed, you could maim or murder an individual while under the influence and get away with it – based on self defense. Some people see this law as ridiculous and others see it as just another win in the fight against total gun control.

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