How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Did you know that around 5,000 people are involved in motorcycle-related deaths every year? As much as the numbers might not be as high as car accident cases, such accidents are usually more fatal and result in casualties. If you’ve recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you’re reaching out to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Colorado Springs to help out with your case. It could be a confusing moment when you’ve never hired such an attorney before. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the qualities you should be searching for when looking for such a lawyer.


The first question you’d want to ask the attorney is if he or she specializes in motorcycle cases. You might get an experienced personal injury attorney but the person has never handled a motorcycle accident case before. An attorney that has worked with motorcycle accident victims will have the necessary expertise and experience needed to win the case. You want to make sure the specialty is relevant to your legal needs.  When you go for an attorney with a broader range of experience could leave gaps in your case. During the interviewing process, you’d want to make sure to ask the attorney the number of years that they’ve been practicing personal injury law, especially when it comes to motorcycle accidents.


Will the lawyer be prepared to go to trial with your case? Most attorneys will want to settle whenever possible because going to trial could be another challenge altogether. You don’t want to work with an attorney that works for a settling mill. Such an attorney will be well aware that you deserve a lot more for your case but will avoid going to trial because of the complexities involved. You should look for an attorney with trial experience. Not every lawyer will be comfortable arguing your case in case of a jury. Having an attorney with trial experience will provide the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of even if the case goes to trial. When doing the interviews, take note of the communication skills. The person will have to present the argument before a judge when the case goes to trial.

Track Record

When working with any kind of attorney, you’d want to go for a winner. The same will apply for a motorcycle accident crash attorney. Failure to get a winner could mean that you’re not recovering the compensation that you’re looking for. When you’re speaking to the lawyers, you should ensure you ask about their track record. What kind of cases have they worked on and what was the track record. You can ask about the recent cases that they’ve handled and the kind of verdict that they were able to get for their clients.


It is easy to assume that the attorney is licensed. You’ll not want to be taking chances. An attorney that doesn’t have anything to hide will be more than happy to provide the necessary credentials to prove that they’re qualified for the job. You also want to make sure that the insurance is up to date. The lawyer needs to be licensed in your state.


Personal injury law will differ from one jurisdiction to another. That is why it always recommended that you’re looking for a local attorney for your case. A local attorney will be aware of the local laws. They’re also familiar with the courthouse which will make it easy to file for your claim. Such an attorney will also have a reputation to maintain.

Possible Outcomes For Your Case

The majority of motorcycle crash attorneys will offer a free case evaluation. You can take advantage of this and reach out to lawyers and discuss the details of your case to find out whether it is worth pursuing or not. The lawyer will make you aware of all the possible options and the best outcome for your case. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be reaching out to an attorney when they’ll be working on a contingency fee basis. That means they get to be paid when you receive the compensation. The lawyer will tell you the steps that need to be taken in order to make sure that you’re getting maximum compensation for the case.

Fee Structure

You need to know how much you’ll be expected to pay for the legal fees. Not all attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis. Such information will need to be clear right from the moment that you get in touch with the lawyer. There are lawyers that will charge by the hour while others will take a percentage of the winnings. You should be working with a lawyer that has a contingency fee structure.


Your attorney should show compassion when representing you. To a good attorney, you’re not just another number. They’ll aggressively fight on your behalf even if it means going to trial. Such an attorney will not only be interested in the money but providing quality legal representation for your case.


You want to work with an attorney that will keep you informed whenever there are major developments with your case. There is no reason why you should wait for more than 12 hours for the attorney to get back to you. A good attorney will always make time for you even if they’re handling multiple cases simultaneously.


A personal injury case could take a while before it is finalized. Accident reconstruction experts and private investigators might need to be hired in order to come up with a formidable case for your claim. There is also a chance that your case could go to trial. That is why it is important that you’re getting an attorney that has the backing of a resourceful law firm.  A mid-sized law firm is perfect because your case gets the attention it deserves and there will be adequate resources even if it is to go to trial or when the cases take a long time to settle. 

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