Emergency Response Teams: Why You Need an Attorney after Your Semi Truck Accident

Because semi-trucks are generally owned by large companies and corporations, they have the financial resources to have an experienced team of lawyers and experts to quickly begin working on building a case against you - even if the semi-truck accident was not your fault.  These teams are commonly known as “Emergency Response Teams.”

Because semi-truck collisions often involve very serious damages and large insurance policies, it is in the company’s best financial interest to aggressively defend these claims. Their first step is employing an Emergency Response Team. Emergency Response Teams, or Rapid Response Teams, respond immediately to the scene of a serious accident to guarantee that evidence is properly documented and collected in their favor.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rules and regulations that preside over the collection of certain evidence following a collision. Additionally, state and federal law enforcement agencies have procedures in place that dictate the procedures of their investigation.

Although these agencies attempt to capture as much information as possible, they do not have a specific concern at capturing information that would be beneficial to either individuals or companies involved in the accident. Furthermore, even if they collect and store data regarding the accident, it may not be preserved properly for purposes of litigation or negotiations.

Insurance Companies Working Against Victims

While the injured parties are seeking medical treatment, the insurance companies are compiling their experts to the scene. This can give the defense an advantage when documenting evidence that could be potentially used in the future in litigation or negotiations. Preserving and documents this evidence is a critical part of the case, especially when determining negligence, and all the violations of the Federal Motor Safety Regulations, which governs truck drivers and companies.

These experts begin to immediately photograph and measure the roadway, interview witness, and photograph other speed limit and caution signs. Experts may include, but are not limited to, accident investigators, accident reconstruction engineers, on-board technology expert, forensic photographer/videographer, and freight loading and shifting experts.

Because the insurance companies have the resources to have these experts and lawyers aggressively defending the claim, it is a vital that you also have an expert on your side. This is just one of the factors that makes these situations much different from a typical car accident case. An attorney on your side can help establish liability for your crash, collect evidence to support your claim, and help ensure you receive the compensation that you are entitled to.

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