Work Place Illness: Your Guide to Compensation

Compensation can be an excellent way of getting your life back on track. If you have suffered from an illness or disease as your employer has not provided safe working conditions, you need to make sure that you are compensated for this. After all, it’s vital that you do not suffer further hardship from your ordeal.

What is Compensation?

Compensation can be awarded for a number of reasons. In the workplace scenario, if you have suffered an illness as a result of your employer, you can take legal action against them. Mesothelioma lawsuit settlement amounts can vary. But, making sure that you are remunerated for your loss of earnings is the best way of ensuring that justice is served.

Work Related Diseases

Many people do dangerous jobs and are aware of the risks of doing that particular role. But, if you are working in a job that should not pose risks to your health, this is where you have a chance to ensure that you are compensated for this. Pain, disease and loss of earnings can all be compensated. What is more, you can cover the cost of your medical expenses.

It’s not an entirely simple process.

But, you need to make sure that you have evidence in your possession. Ensure that you have solid proof that your diseases were as a result of negligence by your employers. If you have received inadequate training or health and safety standards have not been met, you need to prove this. Compiling reports and obtaining photographic evidence is important.


If you have come into contact with asbestos and other harmful substances, you will certainly have grounds to file a lawsuit. Your medical reports can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Claiming For a Disease: The Time Frame

When it comes to filing a compensation claim, this needs to be done as a matter of urgency. Of course, you should not put yourself through any undue stress. Make sure that you are fit and well and emotionally able to cope with the legal process. Make sure that you have copies of an accident book. Get statements from colleagues. Contact your legal eagle and present them with your evidence. This needs to be filed within three years of the incident taking place. After this period has passed, you may not be able to file a claim.

The sooner you submit your claim, the better. This ensures that you don’t have gaps in your memory regarding the situation. What is more, you will be able to be in receipt of the money more quickly. This ensures that you do not suffer financial hardship for longer than necessary.

How Much Will You Be Awarded?

Compensation can be granted for a number of different reasons. But, the amount is largely dependent on the severity of the case. You will need to make sure that you have evidence of loss of earnings. What is more, you will need to provide a lot of proof to ensure that you are in receipt of the maximum amount. Of course, if you have suffered from a life-threatening disease, the impact of this on your future will also affect the sum that is paid out.

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