Why Do You Need A Lawyer For Personal Injury Claims

Everyone who wants to make a personal injury claim thinks the same thing: ‘Do I need to hire a lawyer’? The question undoubtedly runs through our heads because no one wants to pay out when it is not required. And lawyers do take a fair chunk of change if and when you win. There is nothing stopping you from defending yourself, but before you make a rash decision here’s why you might want to reconsider.

You Have A Better Chance Of Winning

Unless you are an expert in personal injury law, the chances are you don’t have the first clue when it comes to defending yourself. What motions are you going to make? What is your defence? How do you plan to change course if Plan A is not working? These are all questions that any good lawyer will ask themselves and will be able to perform in the heat of battle. When you hire personal injury specialists like Morris, King & Hodge, P.C. you hire their expertise. That expertise is what get results and what wins you the compensation you deserve.

Law Is Complicated

The law is not an easy thing to revise overnight. Apart from a better chance of winning then, a lawyer will save you a lot of time and effort. You have plenty to worry about without the need to learn complicated law processes. It will only add to the stress and pressure that court cases bring.

Personal Injury Lawyers Are Cheap

Lawyers might not seem cheap on the surface, but they can be in certain circumstances. In personal injury law especially, there is a trend for lawyers to offer incentives to hire them in the first place. The main example is a no win no fee service, so if you are not successful, you won’t pay a penny. If you do win, you will receive compensation, and they will take a cut. But, it is money you didn’t have before, so it is almost a free service. Some even offer a free consultation service and can tell you whether you have a chance or not before hiring them.

Lawyers Have Contacts

Contacts are important in any industry, but they are incredibly important in law. If you are filing a personal injury complaint, there is going to be a lot of resistance because the consequences can be major. Because of this, there might be changes to statements and the occurrence of incidents that did not happen. Lawyers’ contacts will be able to find critical information that could be the difference between winning and losing.

The Other Party Will Have Legal Representation

Even if you are clued up, your opposing counsel will have a lawyer, and they will take advantage of you from the beginning. The law is not a nice place to be, and lawyers will do anything to win, and that means making your life hell if you represent yourself. A lawyer is essential to fight fire with fire, so you are on an even keel.

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