What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do? Is it Worth it to Hire One?

Criminal defense attorneys provide legal representation to individuals who have been accused in criminal cases. Working with a good criminal defense attorney can take most of the case's burden off you. Lane, Hupp, & Crowley is best Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who can work with you to protect your rights and provide legal guidance throughout your case.  

Criminal defense attorneys investigate the case filed against their clients, research the facts, and try to negotiate deals with the prosecutors. These deals can include reduced bail amount, charges, or jail time.  

The defense attorneys also examine witnesses, help develop a plea, analyze the prosecutor's case, assess potential sentences, review search and seizure procedures, speak to witnesses, and collect evidence. If no plea deal can be made, they represent their client in court. 

How does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Work 

A criminal defense lawyer follows a detailed process in approaching your case and defending you. Here is a brief overview of the process: 

  • Case Assignment 

A court typically assigns you a criminal defense lawyer. You can directly contact one as well. Most criminal defense lawyers are appointed to cases by the local, state, and federal courts. They can be hired by private firms as well. Some criminal defense lawyers run private legal offices.  

  • Case Interviews 

Once the lawyer meets you personally, they will try and get as many details as possible about the case from you. They will ask you specific questions to learn about your cases' strengths and weaknesses. You will go through several sessions of thorough questioning till the lawyers have all the information they need.  

  • Case Investigation 

The criminal defense lawyer will further investigate the case to determine if there are any possible avenues of acquitting you. This investigation can include interviewing the police about the procedures followed, speaking to witnesses, and collecting as much information about the case as possible. All this information will be used to build a strong defense for you. If an expert witness is used in the case, the criminal defense lawyer may even speak to this witness.

  • Evidence Analysis 

Once all the evidence is collected, the criminal defense lawyer will carefully go through the theories and facts. They can get the evidence tested independently or examine it to see if any legal issues may work in your favor. 

  • Jury Selection 

A criminal defense lawyer assists with the jury selection process. They can try to get jurors removed if they feel the jurors are biased.  

  • Plea Bargaining 

The criminal defense lawyer will be responsible for bringing up the plea bargain. They will negotiate with the prosecutor and try to secure a favorable deal for you. This could be a reduction in charges or possible punishment. 

  • Participating in Trial 

The criminal defense lawyer will represent you if your case goes to trial. They will examine and cross-examine witnesses and convince the jury that you are innocent. 

  • Sentencing 

If you are sentenced for the crime, a criminal defense lawyer will represent you during the sentencing phase. They will try to limit your serving time and discuss possible alternatives to incarceration. 

Responsibilities of a Criminal Defense Lawyer 

The primary responsibility of a criminal defense lawyer is to represent you and defend your rights in a court of law. Experienced criminal defense attorneys like Lane, Hupp, & Crowley will do everything in their power to reduce your sentence and get the best possible outcome for you. They handle various criminal cases like domestic violence, drug crimes, gun crimes, federal crimes, and felony crimes 

Working in the Defendant's Best Interest 

A criminal defense attorney should always have your best interest at heart. Many good criminal defense lawyers will provide holistic representation to their clients. This means they will focus on your entire situation and not just the case at hand, and provide you guidance. 

Defending Your Rights 

Defending your rights in and out of the courtroom is one of the most important responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney. They must ensure that you get a fair trial. Criminal proceedings can often become hectic, and as a result, certain aspects of a case may get overlooked. A criminal defense attorney ensures no such thing happens.  

Is it Worth Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney? 

You may wonder if it is worth hiring a criminal defense attorney. You may even consider representing yourself in the case. A criminal defense attorney can work with you to get you the best outcome possible. Here are reasons why you should hire a defense attorney: 

  • Deep Understanding of the Judicial System 

This is the most important reason to hire a professional attorney. An experienced defense lawyer will know the intricacies of the court system and will guide you through the process based on your individual case.  

  • Experience with Similar Cases 

Criminal defense attorneys have years of experience defending people accused of various crimes. They would have handled several cases that are similar to your case and will know how to defend you in court.  

  • They Can Assess Law Enforcement Conduct 

Criminal defense lawyers know what police officers can and cannot do during investigations and questioning. They can tell you if a police officer has infringed upon your rights. If the evidence was gathered improperly, the lawyer could get it thrown out, leading to a dismissal.  

  • Advice on Best Possible Outcomes 

A good criminal attorney will not paint a rosy picture of your case's outcome. They will assess all the information and give you a realistic opinion. They will advise you about the possible penalties you may face and will inform you what is in your best interest. They will guide you on whether you should accept the plea deal or fight the criminal charges.  

Being charged with a criminal offense is frustrating. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer to assess your options in case you have been charged. The lawyer will advise you on your legal rights and provide you with guidance throughout your case.

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