Valsartan Lawsuit – What to Expect When Filing a Suit?

If you are one of the many unlucky people who were prescribed Valsartan containing the NDMA compounds, then you have every right to file a lawsuit. Your health has been put at risk by a product that was, at best, under-tested. Valsartan lawsuits are on the rise p do you need help to make a claim? We put together this guide to talk you through what you should expect during the Valsartan lawsuit…

The Valsartan Lawsuit

The FDA estimates that the rates and chances of developing cancer after using Valsartan were actually reasonably low. They guess that if 8.000 people took 320 mgs Valsartan every day for four years, there would only be one additional cancer diagnosis per the group (WebMD). The drugs have been recalled because of the unexpected presence of one of a few different chemicals.

All this aside, however, what should you do if you think you might be affected?

What to Expect when Filing a Valsartan Lawsuit

If you are in doubt bout your health then your first stop should be your doctor. Personal injury and medical claims thrive on evidence, so it is important that you document any encounters with medical professionals, record any dates and times of therapies, and keep a journal of your mental and emotional state. All of this can help build your case.

If you think you have a claim then the second thing you need to do is find a lawyer. Valsartan lawsuits require a specialist product liability attorney able to best represent you. There will be masses of paperwork to be filed and not all attorneys are able to keep up with the demand. Choosing a good, reliable, successful attorney should be your next step. Once your claim is filed there are a few other things to expect:

  • Your attorney will meet you to evaluate your case. At this point they will ask you to keep hold of any old medication bottles, and to start documenting any treatments you are subjected to.
  • Your attorney will enter into an agreement wherein they represent you. After this you will be in direct communication over the course of the case. If your lawyer struggles to communicate with you then you may change your mind on representation. We do not recommend that you do this after the case has gone to court, though.
  • Your lawyer should talk you through the paperwork you need to complete and file. Once you have chosen representation you do not need to worry about coping with Valsartan lawsuits on your own.

And Finally…

There are a limited array of conditions that are being considered. If you have stomach, liver, kidney, colorectal, bladder, pancreatic or kidney cancer; then you may have a claim. Likewise, only certain types and doses of valsartan are problematic. Some of them haven’t been recalled and did not contain trace doses of damaging compounds. Just because you have taken Valsartan in the past does not necessarily mean you will get sick. You can see the full list here, courtesy of the FDA.

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