Useful Tips in Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is a complicated case so you have to do extensive research in order to find the right lawyer. You will want to find a bankruptcy attorney that is willing to understand your situation. Bankruptcy is a difficult financial situation so it is important that the attorney is express sympathy towards you. You want to hire a lawyer that is interested in finding out what lead you to file for the bankruptcy. Yo must make sure that you are comfortable in speaking with the lawyer. You must ask a lot of probing questions to express his interests in learning about your situation.

A real lawyer will always discuss about alternatives that you can take to resolve your financial problems. There are two types of bankruptcy including Chapter 7 bankruptcy where all your debts are completely canceled and chapter 13 bankruptcy where a part of your debt is canceled and you have to pay the remaining debt in a court supervised installment. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ideal for people who have enough income to repay the remaining debt.

To learn more about the background of the bankruptcy attorney, you are advised to visit the bankruptcy attorney’s website and click through each of the link. On the attorney’s website, you should be able to find out information such as his education background, the area he is specialized in and certification and the year the law firm was founded. Bankruptcy is a complex situation and it is necessary that the attorney you hire is specialized in bankruptcy.

Many attorneys that are not specialized in the bankruptcy field try to take bankruptcy case when they don’t have the skill because they want to make more money. You can ask the attorney about the number of bankruptcy cases he filed. An attorney who file a lot of cases every month will be more familiar with the local bankruptcy trustee and procedure for filling the case. You don’t need to hire a lawyer with that much experience if you are filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Hiring a lawyer with lots of experience is a must if you have a complex Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The lawyer must let you know all the risks that you will face in your bankruptcy case. In this way, you can decide for yourself whether filling for bankruptcy is the best option. This also allows you to assess the lawyer’s knowledge in handling bankruptcy cases. Some law firms are represented by one or two lawyers while others outsource to other lawyers. Some law firms file a lot of bankruptcy cases but they offer incompetent service. It is important that the lawyer is willing to go into the court with you to help you resolve the bankruptcy case.

In addition, you should check with the attorney to find out whether he will be preparing the paperwork. There are some lawyers that hire paralegals to prepare the paperwork. It is best to hire a lawyer that will prepare the paperwork instead of choosing a lawyer that will outsource the preparation of the paperwork to paralegals.

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