Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Interviewing your personal injury attorney to make sure they are not only the right fit for your case, but to make sure they are the right fit for you is the most important factor you want to take the time to research. Before you get started, you want to make sure you have properly built lists to give you several opportunities to interview. By fully preparing your documents and asking the proper questions, you will be able to narrow down your candidates for the hiring process.

Preparing your documents is the first thing you will want to complete prior to going in for a consultation. By having your documents ready, the personal injury lawyer you are interviewing will be able to give you precise direction on your case. They will be able to give you there stand point on how they can or cannot help you and if they are able to work your case, an approximate cost that you can expect. After reviewing your documents and determining if you want to move forward, it is time for you to get to know your lawyer, since there is a chance you will be working with them any where from a few weeks to months.

Interviewing Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting to know your personal injury lawyer:

1. Where did you receive your law degree?

2. How long have you been practicing with this practice?

3. What is their relation to the practice? Are they a partner, associate or founder?

Questions regarding your case:

1. How many years have they worked with cases relevant to yours?

2. What is their success with winning cases similar to yours?

3. What are the estimated fees associated with your case type? Do they accept payment plans or can they work with your budget if fees are high?

4. Are they currently representing anyone else that could interfere with your case? Like an insurance company or another party?

5. About how long do they normally work cases similar to yours?

6. Do they have any personal conflicts that would prevent them from fulfilling their commitment as your lawyer if they were hired?

7. What is the process they recommend taking to get your case resolved?

8. Have they worked in the court system in which your case is being presented?

9. Have they worked cases from the "opponent's" stand point to better gain a perspective of your case?

10. What is their viewpoint on the case result?

Asking your personal injury lawyer questions regarding your case and preparing the proper documents for review will help you to better prepare for the hiring process. Nothing is more important to your case than finding the right lawyer to work on your case. Getting started early is imperative, so begin your process today by creating your lists and then start interviewing your candidates.

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