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What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do? Is it Worth it to Hire One?

Criminal defense attorneys provide legal representation to individuals who have been accused in criminal cases. Working with a good criminal defense attorney can take most of the case's burden off you. Lane, Hupp, & Crowley is best Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who can work with you to protect your rights and provide legal guidance throughout your case.   Criminal defense attorneys investigate the case filed against their clients, research the facts,... ❯❯❯

How Many Attempts Will a Process Server Make in Contra Costa County?

The legal process can be excruciatingly convoluted. In the US, a crucial aspect of this process involves “being served”—the colloquial expression to mean having official, legal documents delivered to you in person. In theory, anyone over the age of 18 can do this. Most people try to avoid getting served for apparent reasons. This means that you need a dependable professional agency like  D&R Legal Process Service in Contra Costa County specializing in the... ❯❯❯

Finding the Right Criminal Lawyer in Saskatoon

Being accused of having committed a crime can take a toll on a person’s life. It can tarnish one’s name and reputation and even restrict liberties. These are just some of the impacts that being accused can have. When you are facing such charges, you need a lawyer who will help to mount a strong and successful defence. A skilled Criminal Lawyer in Saskatoon will be there with you every step of the way. When you have been accused of a crime, the prosecutor... ❯❯❯

What Are the Major Causes of Slip And Fall Accidents in a Nursing Home?

Slip and fall accidents are a major causative factor for nursing home injuries, hospitalization, and death in the elderly segments of the population. Thousands of slip and fall incidents occur at nursing homes in the United States each year, contributing significantly to elderly morbidity and mortality. While these accidents and subsequent injuries are dangerous for all age groups, they are significantly more morbid in the elderly segment of the population... ❯❯❯

How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Chicago?

A personal injury claim in Chicago is limited to two years from the date of injury. So, you have two years from the accident date to file a claim. Otherwise, you lose the right to compensation. In this article, Cushing Law - Chicago Injury Lawyers, explain how the statute of limitations affects your rights as an injured person and what steps you should take if the time limit has passed. Types of Injury Claims in Chicago Personal injury claims in Chicago... ❯❯❯

Personal Injury Law: Understanding Brain Injury

The brain is the most fascinating part of the human body. It is also that part which we worry the most about. Sometimes so much that we start to overthink something as simple as headaches. This is usually so because one can never truly understand what takes place inside the brain as it is a highly complex part of the body. When someone is suffering from a brain injury due, it is only normal to be under stress. The stress knows no boundaries when the... ❯❯❯

Find the Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles

Find the Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los AngelesHow to Find the Right Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles for Your Claim Finding a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is easy. Finding the best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles takes work. Many attorneys claim to be qualified sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles. However, only a handful of these attorneys excel at helping employees fight sexual harassment at work. Finding the best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is an... ❯❯❯

How Much Do Lawyers Usually Take From a Settlement?

How Much Do Lawyers Usually Take From a Settlement?The amount of money that a personal injury lawyer in Canada takes from a settlement varies depending on the case. However, most lawyers charge around 33% of the total settlement amount. This includes legal fees and disbursements. Disbursements are costs that the lawyer incurs while working on the case, such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, and medical report fees. These costs are usually passed on to the client, so it's important to be aware of... ❯❯❯

Attorney’s Fees in a Personal Injury Case

Introduction Except in non-profit situations, where the lawyer agrees to work without pay, personal injury lawyers usually receive the monetary amount of compensation for their work and the services they give. Fortunately, because most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, you should be able to employ one even if you don’t have any money. This means that a percentage of the settlement or judgment that the injured person obtains from... ❯❯❯

Do I Need to Call Law Enforcement If I Am in an Auto Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident, regardless of if it’s something major or minor, calling the police as soon as possible and requesting their assistance helps your accident and personal injury case greatly. Why? Here are just a few reasons: •       Police create a police report that lists the date and time of the auto accident •       That report lay out the personal injuries just after the wreck for all involved •       It also lists the property... ❯❯❯

Guide to Getting Damages for Pain and Suffering

Guide to Getting Damages for Pain and SufferingWhen someone is seriously injured or dies as the result of negligence, they are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. Although it may not be appropriate to present this theory of damages directly to a jury, it is important to include all available evidence in support of the special damages requested. This article discusses the elements that must be proven before an award for pain and suffering can be made and the absolute and relative... ❯❯❯

How to get the most out of your personal injury case

If you have been a personal injury victim, you have a valid claim to financial compensation from your assailant. Personal injury cases can be complicated and even take years in court. You may be overwhelmed by a myriad of questions once you realize just how much information there is about personal injury cases, but fret not. Many personal injury lawyers can help you with your case. However, ensure that you find the right attorney to handle your case by... ❯❯❯

Defective Drugs? Here are 5 Tips to Prove your Claim

Many people in the United States are injured by faulty products every year. A defective product is any manufactured good that has a defect when it leaves the factory or during its lifetime. The most common types of defects are design flaws, manufacturing errors, and marketing mistakes. If one has been harmed due to the use of a defective drug, here are five tips to help them prove their claim: 1) One Must Proof The Product injured them One must first... ❯❯❯

Why does it take so long to settle construction accident cases?

Why does it take so long to settle construction accident cases?The popular belief is that construction-related lawsuits are widespread in the United States. There’s the running joke of an American’s favorite attire being a “lawsuit”, referring to the large number of cases filed each year in the country, many of them far over-reaching.  In reality, too many people still hesitate to make a claim for fear that their case will never be resolved. Or even worse, they worry that the other side will be bigger and stronger,... ❯❯❯

The Advantages of Seeking an Expert Car Accident Attorney

The Advantages of Seeking an Expert Car Accident AttorneyIf you've been injured in a car accident, getting legal counsel as soon as possible is essential. A good philadelphia car accident lawyer will be able to help you recover damages that include lost wages and medical expenses. They will also be able to determine who is at fault and help you assert your civil rights. As a result, you must find a lawyer as soon as possible. One way to find a great lawyer is to look at their experience. When you are searching... ❯❯❯

In an Uber Accident? Here's What You Need to Do

While Uber is one of the most convenient ways to get around, it becomes complicated with different liability issues concerning the driver and Uber. After an Uber car accident in New Jersey, it’s important to determine who is liable for your injuries. If you’ve been injured as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, you need help from a car accident lawyer who understands the complexities of car accident law. What to Do if You are in an Uber Car Accident If... ❯❯❯

Motor Accident Claims: Top 6 FAQs

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. With more than 3,000 incidents occurring each year in Brisbane alone, many people are left questioning how to go about getting the compensation they deserve after being involved in a crash. We have compiled a collection of some of the most popular questions our lawyers get asked, so you can learn more about the claim and compensation process. Can I claim compensation for my car accident? Every person’s... ❯❯❯

What To Consider When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Each year, millions of people get involved in all sorts of accidents. Hundreds of thousands more may sustain serious injuries, enough to warrant taking legal action. Getting compensation from an insurance company is usually not a sure thing. In this instance, a personal injury attorney becomes an essential part of that process of claiming compensation. Due to the number of accidents, the number of law firms specializing in personal injury lawsuits has... ❯❯❯

How Do I Maximize my Car Accident Settlement?

People who have gone through a car accident settlement procedure know how hard it is to recover both physically and mentally. The other party would always try to minimize the damages and make them look insignificant, especially when you have suffered minor physical injuries. Insurance companies maintain large legal teams to review each case in depth. That makes them confident of finding any evidence against you and makes you settle for less than deserved. ... ❯❯❯

When You Should Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer

If another motorist’s negligence leaves you seriously injured, your claim will typically move through the at-fault motorist’s insurance provider, and you may think that this leaves you in good hands. After all, the involved insurance provider is paid to cover your accident-related damages. The truth of the matter is, however, that the insurance company is out to turn a profit, and it is very likely not above engaging in whatever practices it can get away... ❯❯❯

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